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Online identification



The Postidentverfahren is a well-known procedure in Germany. As a consumer, you receive a coupon that you use to carry out this identification procedure at Deutsche Post AG. Disadvantages: 1. You have to go outside the house and 2. it is associated with a certain amount of time. has more information


The solution here: the online identification


The solution here: the online identification


[verify-U] is a Cybits product that speeds identification. Many banks are already using [verify-U] to ensure a quick payout. For some, it will seem a little complicated in the first instance, but once done, [verify-U] “vouches” for your identity in the future, using a personal code . The Benefits: Comfortable Home Identification (24/7) and ensuring, for example, quick payment of your loan amount and / or opening your online account.


How does this work exactly? We explain the process step by step!

  1. If your credit check is satisfactory, a link will be provided that will direct you to online identification via [verify-U]. Of course you need your mobile phone, your inbox, your proof of identity and of course the account details. If the link does not work, log in to your Jarndyce family account and start the process from there.
  2. You enter your personal data in the start form.
  3. Next, set a personal password (at least 8 characters including a number and a character), which will be needed throughout the identification process.
  4. You agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy.
  5. You will receive an SMS with the transaction code. You enter this now in the form.
  6. They compare your data. Everything is right?
  7. Now please enter the details of your proof of identity.
  8. If you have already deposited an online banking statement with Jarndyce family, you can skip the following steps.
      a. Enter your bank details.
      b. Choose SKRILL or Giropay as a direct method to check the validity of your account information (fast and free)
  9. Once the bank check is found to be correct, you can now upload your identity card. Please confirm that you have done this by clicking on the appropriate box.

Almost finished ….. hold on!

10. In the meantime, documents should be sent to [verify-U] by Jarndyce family. You will see the corresponding documents in your overview for the documents that have to be signed electronically.

11. You confirm your specified data and the conditions that belong to the signing process.

12. Enter your received SMS pin code.

13. Click on “Sign now”

14. Close.

They did it!

Finally, the loan is created and the loan amount is paid out (based on your chosen product during the application).