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Anyone who needs an online loan uses the money to pay off debts, make investments or whatever they want.

” Personal Loan Online Without Leaving Home ?! Did you know that a loan can help you relieve the stress of having to keep finances always controlled. “

Whether you’re looking to find money to travel on your next vacation or you’re short of money to meet an urgent need, running out of money can do more damage than you can and can not pay your bills.

– You can convert expensive debts with cheaper online loan. You can also join the accounts into one by making a new loan. You can open a business by hiring a personal loan online . The possibilities of use are endless.


All About Personal Loan Online

  • For what purpose can the online loan be used?
  • Types of Online Loans Available
  • Criteria for comparison and choice of loans
  • How to make your loan online?
  • Online credit analysis – how is it done?
  • What are the steps of analyzing personal loans?
  • What is the maximum loan term online?
  • Settlement of loan amount online
  • How much money can you borrow from an online loan?
  • Is there a minimum amount to get loan online?
  • At which bank or financial institution do you lend?
  • How do banks decide what maximum loan amount to release?
  • What are the interest rates on online loans?
  • Can I apply for a loan along with my spouse?
  • Documents required to apply online
  • How to pay the loan installments online?
  • What is the method of approving the loans?
  • Balance Transfer or Loan Portability
  • Precautions and cautions when hiring loan online

All About Personal Loan Online


An online loan for personal use is a type of unsecured credit that you can use without having to pledge or offer any collateral like a property, home, car or other assets.

When you apply for a loan, the lender takes into account your existing financial history and various other factors to determine your borrowing capacity, in this way it may or may not approve the amount requested.

They are excellent features of a personal loan, you can do it over the Internet (online), be it by phone, smartphone or computer, and this facility makes this type of consumer credit the best choice for times when you need to raise money fast and easy .

From here, you will understand a few key points that will help you to know which of the best personal loans depending on your need.

For what purpose can the online loan be used?

For what purpose can the online loan be used?


Personal loans are meant for usual expenses, the list of things that can be acquired is quite large, the usefulness also, from financing studies, paying the family vacations or to meeting any financial requirement such as paying inventory to receive an inheritance.

You can also consider taking an online loan to pay higher debts and expenses like: settle other financing and higher-priced loans, or consolidate small debts in only pay.

Types of Online Loans Available

Types of Online Loans Available


Loan is a different way of calling financial transactions that involve personal credit made between a person or company with a lending institution. The transaction is completed when the lender approves and releases the amount requested by the customer (borrower or applicant)

To simplify understanding, in a loan, you receive a sum of money from the bank, financial, cooperative or alternative lender and must return the requested amount of interest added, on some loan, interest is zero for a specific period.

There are numerous types of online personal loans available today for immediate application and approval. Each modality has its own terms and conditions according to the profile of the applicant, the destination of the money and the institution’s credit policies.

Some of the personal loans that can be purchased online are:

  1. Online Payroll Loan
  2. Online Personal Loan
  3. Negative Loan Online
  4. Loan guaranteed online
  5. Online peer-to-peer loan – between people
  6. Online collective loan – crowdfunding
  7. Online car financing – car credit
  8. Online Home Financing – Property Credit
  9. Loan with moneylender – predatory lending

Criteria for comparison and choice of loans


Each bank or private or alternative lender has its own criteria for approving an online loan . Everything will depend on whether you are:

  • Self employed or Self employed
  • Retired or Pensioner
  • Public or Military Servant
  • Has a clean name or is Negative

There is still more .. general criteria also include age, occupation, income, margin for discounts or ability to pay the loan, place of residence and personal contacts etc.

How to make your loan online?


The question seems obvious – but is not it? As incredible as it seems many people still have difficulty in completing the process of filling out the form for requesting the credit and also in sending the documentation, mainly online through the mobile phone and smartphone.

Actually the advent of the Internet came to change the world, currently only goes to the bank or credit shop to make a loan who really wants to waste that time, is forced by the bureaucracy or want to walk.

If you have access to the Internet, WIFIi, 3G and have a cell phone or smartphone, you can make the loan application easier than on a computer.

And the best, without leaving home, from the comfort of your living room or tv, without wasting your precious time in traffic or standing in queues of waiting in banking institutions or lenders a long time.

To make your personal loan online , simply access a website or application for a company, institution, correspondent, bank or financial loan and follow the instructions.

It is currently possible to get virtually all types of loans through the web.

The first step is to make comparisons on reliable websites that list insurance companies and lenders. Here at ” Grana Smart ” we have a list of some of the best lenders online loans that apply the process 100% online in a bureaucratic, fast and uncomplicated way. Click Here!

Online credit analysis – how is it done?


It is not at all complicated to carry out the request for an online loan, it is super fast and very easy to move on the application.

You just can not forget that there will always be a credit analysis done by the lender or by the financial institution that was chosen to evaluate your registration, even for people denied there is data query.

Credit analysis is no secret to anyone, the credit provider does a data and information check to figure out what risks to lend the money to a particular applicant and the likelihood of receiving the loaned amount back.

What are the steps of analyzing personal loans?


After you register for the loan application and, in possession of the data, the lender will analyze in detail all the information provided with external data sources such as Serasa / SPC / Boa Vista and CCF, among others, to conclude that profile that the requester can be framed.

With the analysis formed, the lender will decide what amount will be borrowed and how long the money will be returned, but who chooses the period is the applicant within a minimum and maximum period.

To your knowledge, the credit assessment is as follows, not exactly in this order:

  • Verification of the authenticity of the personal information registered, such as name, RG, CPF, etc.
  • Verification of the cadastral situation in records of Serasa Experian, SPC Brazil and Boa Vista and others
  • Finding financial backlogs in credit history *
  • Assessment of income impairment and repayment capacity in installments
  • Investigation of the client’s profile for the credit modality
  • Confirmation and analysis of personal documentation received
  • Approval and release of requested amount via online site or application

Some banks and credit institutions, as well as financial institutions, approve loans online for bad debts , in these companies the negative records in the credit agencies are not a punitive factor.

What is the maximum loan term online?


The maximum duration of the online personal loan varies according to the modality chosen for request.

Settlement of loan amount online


Generally, an online loan is released within 24/48 hours after approval. The pre-approval takes between 5 and 10 minutes.

Once your loan application goes through all the request, review, pre-approval and approval procedures, you receive the money in a requesting holder’s bank account equivalent to the approved amount – not the requested one – often the approved amount is lower than the amount requested, and on the contrary, the amount approved may be higher than requested.

– Once the applicant is cleared, the online bank or lender automatically deposits the money into the bank account indicated at the time of the request.

How much money can you borrow from an online loan?


The amount you can borrow depends on your ability to pay and the amount of debt you already have.

Credit institutions and alternative lenders analyze various internal and external data to come to a decision before approving an online loan to a prospective borrower.

But make sure, “a creditor does not release personal loan without making sure the applicant can handle your monthly payments”, with exception to the loan made to usurers, the famous moneylenders.

If you are paying other loans at other banks or lenders, certainly when asking for a new loan, and your income is compromised, it is likely that your application will not have an easier approval.

Well, through the internet on websites and digital platforms, you can request a free online loan without guarantee between R $ 200 reais and R $ 50,000 , for guaranteed loan you get between R $ 30,000 and R $ 500,000 reais or more.

It is worth to say that, even if it is negative, it does not prevent the approval of good amounts in some specific modalities available even for applications 100% online.

Is there a minimum amount to get loan online?


No, there is no minimum amount set to get a personal loan. This can vary from institution to institution, from lender to lender.

Although some financial institutions only offer loans starting at R $ 1000 reais, others can give you loans up to less than R $ 50,000 reais. You can apply for an online loan for personal use based solely on your needs, even if it is only $ 200 or $ 300 reais.

At which bank or financial institution do you lend?


It is good to compare the offers of various lenders before choosing a type of convenient online loan. However, focus on the main factors of the loan as the – Total Cost Effective – rather than set the interest offered.

Some factors to consider when deciding on a bank or institution to contract your loan include in addition to interest rates, commissioning fees, keep an eye on the monthly “Loan Insurance” fee amount and the IOF which is a federal tax.

A good way to apply for a personal loan online with a mobile application online is right here at Buendía family you can see offers from more than 10 partners for personal credit and financing of all kinds and then choose the best one for you.

How do banks decide what maximum loan amount to release?


The maximum loan will differ from bank to bank. However, some factors are crucial.

To set the maximum amount, in addition to your credit score, credit history, current income, assets, properties and assets. The qualification for credit is also observed, for example: retirees, pensioners, military, civil servants, salaried and autonomous, etc.

A credit score (closer to 801) means that you have met all of your previous loan commitments, credit card debt repayments always up-to-date, no restrictions on Serasa / SPC / SCPC or CCF.

This information helps lenders analyze that you are a non-risky borrower, and aligning income helps you establish cash amounts on much larger online loans .

Your income and current income commitment have a direct influence on your ability to pay. So if you are in a lower income bracket, you will be granted a lower online loan amount than those with a higher income.

This procedure is the same as what you see when searching for a credit card, the higher the proven income, the better the type of card, and the greater the number of benefits. It is well worth keeping the credit history clean of restrictions and the high credit score.

By the way, know an effective method to increase your score and score quickly and effectively, to know more – click here!

What are the interest rates on online loans?

What are the interest rates on online loans?


Personal loans do not require collateral by nature, so they have a slightly higher interest rate.

Many of the leading banks and lenders online provide personal loans starting at 4.99%. However, interest rates depend on several factors directly linked to your credibility and many other factors already mentioned in this article.

Can I apply for a loan along with my spouse?

Can I apply for a loan along with my spouse?


Yes, you can apply for a personal loan, either yourself or with a co-applicant, a family member such as your parents or spouse (spouse or spouse). Having a co-applicant means that the loan application will be processed in a higher income range, making the applicants apt to pick up a larger loan amount.

However, keep in mind that a bad credit history (dirty name or restrictions on the CPF) of any one of the candidates will reduce the chances of approval of the application.

Documents required to apply online


Although the required documents vary from one financial institution to another, some of the key documents that you must provide with your online personal loan application include:

  • Proof of income (salary slip, bank statement, personal income tax)
  • Proof of income (Extract benefit or pension) in some cases
  • Proof of home address
  • Identity documents (CNH, CPF)
  • Bank account

How to pay the loan installments online?


An online loan can be repaid in several ways . It can be through bank transfer, direct debit to the bank account or deducted from the payroll (salary). You also have the option of making prepayments of installments or repaying the loan before the contractual term.

The terms and conditions for doing this vary from lender to lender, from bank to bank. You should check these terms when accepting the loan proposal you requested.

What is the method of approving the loans?


Approval of the loan is in the hands of the banks or the lending institution. Its decision is based exclusively on the criteria specified by the credit policies and governmental regulations.

Once all the required documents are submitted and the verification process is completed, the personal loan will be approved.

– After approval, the amount is transferred to the borrower. Counted a month or thirty days, the borrower begins to make repayment in installments of the borrowed loan.

Balance Transfer or Loan Portability

Balance Transfer or Loan Portability


If you are unhappy with your current lender then you can opt for a loan balance transfer. This is possible when the lender allows you to transfer the amount yet to be paid for a new loan into a new lender.

Portability will help you to benefit from the lower interest rates offered by the new lender. This transaction is called loan portability, let’s talk about this financial service in a full position.

Precautions and cautions when hiring loan online


The Internet is an inhospitable territory even though we think we have control. When walking on it one must be careful and cautious where to step on, it is not different from our real world. You and I already know that anywhere there will always be people who will at all costs try to take advantage of the need and often the despair of other people.

When we talk about personal loans there is that attention must be redoubled.

Surely you have already found dozens of online loan offerings, even before you got here on Grana Smart , with a direct link or by Google searches. You need to know how to filter out good offers of fraudulent offers to get the money you need without having to go through trouble or lose money with online fraudsters.

Here are some things you need to know before applying for or borrowing your loan online :

  • Confirm that the company is actually who you say you are – search
  • Caring for very low interest and unsecured loan offerings
  • Beware of deadlines offers – eg up to 100 installments
  • Do not deposit any amount in advance to get loan – fraud
  • Check with ANESP, FEBRABAN or BC on the existence of the company
  • Search the company on such sites as Reclame Aqui, Procon and protest
  • Confirm with the banks and financial institutions that the company says represent
  • Access the to know if the domain belongs to a legal or physical person