Loan Request and grants by Choice


Who is your primary contact when it comes to making a loan request?


 Who is your primary contact when it comes to making a loan request? The question should be answered as simply as well as quickly by a majority of the consumers as follows: The friendly customer advisor of my house bank! This answer is initiated by the fact that as a consumer at the own house bank one has been known as a customer for years and the relationship to one’s own customer advisor is rated as consistently positive. He is there for you, knows the financial situation such as salary, payment obligations, payment behavior, etc., in addition, you appreciate each other – so actually the best basis for a good conscience to turn to a credit need to just this trusted bank. The bank will certainly make a good offer for a loan.

As far as the desirable theory – unfortunately, the practice is often in a frightening way, another!

But why is that?

 But why is that? A common everyday situation: You will receive an advertisement from your bank online or via mail in which the bank of your trust is currently offering a current and highly attractive loan offer. This is just right for you, because you just want to take out a small loan due to a liquidity shortage. You take this attractive loan offer as a basis for a discussion with your bank and then learn: We are sorry, but the loan offer is only for new customers. However, as a long-standing, loyal bank customer, who is also known to the bank as such a loyal customer, in comparison to an “unknown new customer” gets significantly worse conditions for his desired credit. They should ultimately pay more interest on their desired loan.

The freedom of choice

 The freedom of choice The positive side of finance is the fact that as a consumer you are free to choose the lender. Which means that one can and should look for another lender, even if the own house bank does not want to offer good credit conditions. Damon Wildeve is such an alternative credit provider, because Damon Wildeve Regardless of whether you are a new customer or an existing customer, you always have a fixed, fair and above all standard market interest rate without any ifs or buts. Although the available loan sums are at Damon Wildeve not very high, but the conditions are always the same, fair and transparent .