Consigned Loan for Commissioners

What is a commissioned?

To be commissioned is to hold a temporary position. This person is not part of the Public Administration staff for being hired, that is, did not follow the rule of approval in public competition or other form of legal selection.

The commissioned position, or commissioned position (as it is called in the Constitution), is an exception to the rule to have access to a job in public office.

To the knowledge of all, positions in committee can not be created for any reason, the function must be exercised based on the real need of the Public Administration, and in this way, the vacancies are granted for the proper purposes.

One more detail, for the positions to be created, there must be a specific law, this law is the one that will determine what activities, actions or assignments will be their responsibility, it must also define which rights and duties, besides the value of the remuneration and the period of performance etc.

However, as we are informed, the function of commissioned is treated as a free position for appointment and dismissal. That is, who hired and appointed, can also extinguish or dismiss the charge. In general, the stay for long periods is due to the trust, although the position is not exercised for this purpose.

But what do you really know is if a commissioned person can or can not ask for a payroll deductible, – or am I wrong?

Settlement loan for commissioned?

Settlement loan for commissioned?

This form of consignment loan is more coveted by all. And the commissioners want it, too. However, for this to happen, the public agency (paying source) must make a legal articulation to create legislative mechanisms so that commissioned employees can apply for payroll loans with the participating banks and financiers.

It is worth mentioning that interest rates and conditions may vary from those offered to effective public servants. These general conditions are:

  • Much lower interest rate
  • Long payment terms
  • Bureaucratic processes facilitated
  • Releases to even denied commissioners
  • Speed ​​and agility in the process of requesting, approving and releasing loans
  • Discount automatically until the end of the payroll
  • Possibility of refinancing after x installments paid

Commissioning can apply for loan on the sheet?

Can! Commissioners, Hirer (CLT), Contracts, Temporary Contract etc, all can get payday loan yes. In this type of money financing, it is possible for non-effective employees of public bodies with almost every facility. The request is usually made as any credit qualification process.

The registration or contract is subject to a previous consultation and credit analysis, the amounts requested and quantities of verified parcels, and once the margin is granted, the loan is approved, but can not exceed the free margin or the value of 30% of the income.

Loan rules

Loan rules

Each public body along with the banks will create the rules and conditions; in some, the total amount of the payroll loan released to commissioners may exceed 2 times the net payment in the applicant’s payslip. The maximum term of the installments is also another variation, up to 12/24/36/48 times.

Plots Discounts

The discount of the installments is automatically debited from the commissioner’s account, this procedure is known as sheet discount. As commissioners are temporary employees with stable jobs, banks and financial institutions do not extend the possibility of releasing loans with maturities up to 60/72/96 such as those that are cleared for cash.

Consigned to positions in commission

Each paying source will stipulate whether or not employees of commissioned positions may or may not make the payroll deduction on the sheet. It is worth remembering that each public body has autonomy to decide for whom and how they will have access to the credit discounted in the payslip.

Tips on consignment

Although the paycheck is one of the cheapest types of loans on the market, we will always remind our users and readers that before signing your new payroll loan agreement, analyze all possibilities and if the purpose of the income commitment is valid .

Another thing, forget any possibility of accessing means such as loan sharking or loan sharks to get money borrowed.

If you are commissioned, you want to know if your public agency performs this operation for your class, look for the HR or the Secretary or body responsible for your payment and find out if there are agreements and which banks carry out the entire application and approval process of your request.