The Advantages of having a Flawless Credit Rating


Online identification



The Postidentverfahren is a well-known procedure in Germany. As a consumer, you receive a coupon that you use to carry out this identification procedure at Deutsche Post AG. Disadvantages: 1. You have to go outside the house and 2. it is associated with a certain amount of time. has more information


The solution here: the online identification


The solution here: the online identification


[verify-U] is a Cybits product that speeds identification. Many banks are already using [verify-U] to ensure a quick payout. For some, it will seem a little complicated in the first instance, but once done, [verify-U] “vouches” for your identity in the future, using a personal code . The Benefits: Comfortable Home Identification (24/7) and ensuring, for example, quick payment of your loan amount and / or opening your online account.


How does this work exactly? We explain the process step by step!

  1. If your credit check is satisfactory, a link will be provided that will direct you to online identification via [verify-U]. Of course you need your mobile phone, your inbox, your proof of identity and of course the account details. If the link does not work, log in to your Jarndyce family account and start the process from there.
  2. You enter your personal data in the start form.
  3. Next, set a personal password (at least 8 characters including a number and a character), which will be needed throughout the identification process.
  4. You agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy.
  5. You will receive an SMS with the transaction code. You enter this now in the form.
  6. They compare your data. Everything is right?
  7. Now please enter the details of your proof of identity.
  8. If you have already deposited an online banking statement with Jarndyce family, you can skip the following steps.
      a. Enter your bank details.
      b. Choose SKRILL or Giropay as a direct method to check the validity of your account information (fast and free)
  9. Once the bank check is found to be correct, you can now upload your identity card. Please confirm that you have done this by clicking on the appropriate box.

Almost finished ….. hold on!

10. In the meantime, documents should be sent to [verify-U] by Jarndyce family. You will see the corresponding documents in your overview for the documents that have to be signed electronically.

11. You confirm your specified data and the conditions that belong to the signing process.

12. Enter your received SMS pin code.

13. Click on “Sign now”

14. Close.

They did it!

Finally, the loan is created and the loan amount is paid out (based on your chosen product during the application).


Call-Off Loan like Any Other Loan


Something urgently needs to be purchased, an invoice settled or a repair carried out? But that’s exactly what money is missing and the credit line is already at the stop or not available? Is there nevertheless a possibility to solve such a financial shortage which is possible at any time? And if so, how? A suitable solution can be a call-off loan . Because the independent credit account associated with a call-off loan is practically an external discretionary framework with which an additional financial framework is available. And the whole thing has a very decisive advantage compared to a classic credit line: a call-off loan is often much cheaper in terms of accrued interest than the credit line! But how does a call-off loan actually work?

How the call-off loan works

Basically , you get a call-off loan like any other loan, because you apply for it in the desired amount at a traditional bank. Similar to a installment loan, the bank also conducts a credit check and, if the result is positive, provides the credit line required or desired by the applicant. This provided credit line can then be fully utilized at any time up to the agreed amount. This money can either be withdrawn directly via the bank counter and the ATM cash or transferred via bank transfer to a checking account. The use of the call credit is completely free of any given use purposes or the like.

The costs and interest of a call-off loan

The costs and interest of a call-off loan

Application for and opening of the call-off loan as well as the provision of the call-off credit is basically free of charge. If the call-off loan is used, the interest agreed with the bank will only apply to the amount drawn and not to the entire credit line provided. The interest on the loan amount used will continue to be incurred until this sum is balanced again in the credit account. But care: Some banks require for the use of a call-off loan in addition to the agreed interest rate and a processing fee. Such offers should be avoided, because firstly, there are banks, which refrain from this and on the other hand, the call-up loan unnecessarily!

The repayment installments are not necessarily subject to appropriate regulations

 The repayment installments are not necessarily subject to appropriate regulations Similar to the conventional credit line , the repayment of the loan taken up is basically freely selectable. So if there are no major financial resources available for repayments, you may just pay the accrued interest. But here, too, there are certain requirements for such a bank, because they demand a small minimum repayment, which can be between 10 and 50 euros per month, depending on the bank. By contrast, some institutes prescribe one or two percent of the minimum repayment. In addition, in the case of a call-off loan, it must always be borne in mind that, like the open-end loan, it is subject to a variable interest rate. If market interest rates rise, then the danger of higher indebtedness through higher interest charges increases. It is therefore important to keep in mind the applicable interest rate for the call-off loan.

Country Loans: 3 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy Land


Building a new house can be attractive because of the low maintenance level that is required in the first few years. Unfortunately, it also introduces an obstacle: get land financing. Here are some factors that you should consider before buying land.

1. Fundamentals

1. Fundamentals

First of all, it is important to be clear about what the potential purchase involves. That is why it is vital that the boundaries are indicated by surveyors and that everything on paper is ready to be presented to the lender. Another important detail is checking zoning plans and land use restrictions.

For residential plots, access to facilities is a major factor. With water, sewerage, electricity and cable connections ready for use, you save a lot of time, money and hassle. Similarly, access to the public highway can be an important issue, as the buyer must have a permanent service to gain access to a public highway if it is not yet available.

It is also wise to check with the local planning department what the future holds for the immediate environment. A new park further down the street can benefit the value of real estate in the coming years, while a new highway or sewage treatment plant will do so less quickly.

2. Use of the Land

2. Use of the Land

The conditions of the loans, such as prepayment and interest rate, are usually related to the intended use of the land, as this is directly related to the bank’s risk exposure. In this way, obtaining land loans is always more difficult than buying an existing house, because an existing house gives the bank immediate, tangible collateral, while new buildings have more moving parts that can go wrong.

Of the existing houses, the next step on the bank’s trust ladder is to buy a ready-to-build plot with the intention of immediately starting the construction of a primary home. Things can go wrong, cause delays or increase costs, but the schedule is still manageable in the eyes of the bank. The down payment is usually in the range of 10 to 20%.

Unrealized lottery tickets are the ones that do not yet have the required basic services and for which utilities still have to be established. It often happens that unforeseen problems and cost overruns are encountered, which means that months are added to the timeline.

Finally, there is also unprocessed land without specific plans to build something, which is in fact a speculative investment. A project in this spirit may, for example, be buying land awaiting the completion of a new highway nearby. The hope would be that when the highway is completed, the land would be attractive for a developer to build a new, trendy subdivision with a convenient trip to the city. The land can then be sold for a decent profit to the developer. These loans can require a down payment of up to 50%.

3. Loan options

3. Loan options

Seller financing can be a good option to get favorable terms, especially if the seller wants to unload the land and the market is cool. Since this is an agreement between two citizens, everything is negotiable, from down payments to interest rates. It is important to have the papers reviewed by a legal adviser before signing anything to avoid gaps and unpleasant surprises for both parties.

Local banks and credit unions generally look more favorable on loans to land than the large colossi. They can also offer better conditions because of their local knowledge of the property. In any case, a potential borrower will have to present a loan package with specifications and plans for the country, as well as persoLemminkäinenijke financial information to prove creditworthiness.

A buyer with an existing property and a small debt may consider considering a loan with equity. This type of loan ticks the equity of the existing real estate, making it much better conditions than any regular construction or land loan.

How can buyers buy land if the banks and credit unions do not offer the financing? If the property is national and agricultural, the buyer can receive federal support. The USDA offers a range of subsidized loans with minimum requirements and advantageous conditions.

Loan Request and grants by Choice


Who is your primary contact when it comes to making a loan request?


 Who is your primary contact when it comes to making a loan request? The question should be answered as simply as well as quickly by a majority of the consumers as follows: The friendly customer advisor of my house bank! This answer is initiated by the fact that as a consumer at the own house bank one has been known as a customer for years and the relationship to one’s own customer advisor is rated as consistently positive. He is there for you, knows the financial situation such as salary, payment obligations, payment behavior, etc., in addition, you appreciate each other – so actually the best basis for a good conscience to turn to a credit need to just this trusted bank. The bank will certainly make a good offer for a loan.

As far as the desirable theory – unfortunately, the practice is often in a frightening way, another!

But why is that?

 But why is that? A common everyday situation: You will receive an advertisement from your bank online or via mail in which the bank of your trust is currently offering a current and highly attractive loan offer. This is just right for you, because you just want to take out a small loan due to a liquidity shortage. You take this attractive loan offer as a basis for a discussion with your bank and then learn: We are sorry, but the loan offer is only for new customers. However, as a long-standing, loyal bank customer, who is also known to the bank as such a loyal customer, in comparison to an “unknown new customer” gets significantly worse conditions for his desired credit. They should ultimately pay more interest on their desired loan.

The freedom of choice

 The freedom of choice The positive side of finance is the fact that as a consumer you are free to choose the lender. Which means that one can and should look for another lender, even if the own house bank does not want to offer good credit conditions. Damon Wildeve is such an alternative credit provider, because Damon Wildeve Regardless of whether you are a new customer or an existing customer, you always have a fixed, fair and above all standard market interest rate without any ifs or buts. Although the available loan sums are at Damon Wildeve not very high, but the conditions are always the same, fair and transparent .

Tax Implications and Consequences of a Short Sale or Foreclosure


Over the past few years, millions of Americans have endured the pain of foreclosure and many are still engaged in the frustrating process of short sales selling their homes. Every ordeal comes with a long list of hardships, but most people ignore tax implications – until the end of the tax season. The IRS rules are too complicated to invade in April before the deadline for filing tax returns, but help is available (and perhaps also good news).

If you take out a loan by default or reach a settlement for less than the full amount owed, your lender issues a 1099 tax form for the year in which the standard occurred, forcing you to include the unpaid or “forgiving” part of the debt as income on your tax returns. If that happens, you should pay taxes on “income” that you never actually passed on. This can be very frustrating, not to mention the high budget. Depending on the size of the debt canceled, the extra income – and the resulting tax on it – may be shakuntal.

Fortunately, taxes will not necessarily reverse the healing effects of your forgiven loan. At the end of 2007, Congress adopted the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act, which offers tax relief to the millions forced to settle their mortgage loans for less than the amount they owe. According to the IRS:

The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 generally allows taxpayers to exclude income from debt cancellation at their principal place of residence. Debt reduction through mortgage restructuring, as well as mortgage debt forgiven in connection with a foreclosure, are eligible for this assistance. This provision applies to debts that have been forgiven in the calendar years 2007 to 2012. Up to $ 2 million in written off debts are eligible for this exclusion ($ 1 million if married applications are submitted separately). [emphasis added]

The law not only covers foreclosure sales, but also short sales or a debt settlement at your principal residence for less than the full amount due.

How the mortgage permit debt relief works

Although the action will help to reduce your tax assessment, this will not reduce the amount of paperwork that you are dealing with. To get the tax credit, you still have to register and report the income level. When you settle a debt for less than it is worth, your lender must issue a form 1099-C (Cancellation of the debt). This form reports the fair market value of your home just before foreclosure and the amount of the debt waived. The tax consequences of debt cancellation are reported and calculated on your tax return on form 982.

You must report two possible tax consequences:

  1. Income from the cancellation or cancellation of the debt
  2. Possible advantage of the disposition of the house

To calculate the debt cancellation on form 982, subtract the fair market value of the house (as reported on 1099-C, box 7) from the total amount of the debt just before foreclosure. A number greater than zero represents the debt settlement result and must be transferred to line 21 (other income) of page 1 of your 1040 tax form. As with most elements of the tax code, there are exceptions and exceptions that we will discuss.

To calculate the profit from the disposition of the house, subtract your adjusted home base – what you have paid for the home plus major home improvements that increase the value – from the real market value of the home in foreclosure (again from 1099-C, line 7). If the foreclosure value of the property exceeds your adjusted basis, you have a profit that can be reported on Form 1040, Schedule D (capital gains and losses).

What is not covered

What is not covered

Note the use of the word “general” in the IRS explanation. It is possibly the most loaded word that appears in the IRS regulations. And this ambiguous escape clause of a word is very common in their rules. In this case, this means that not all forced sales and short sales are covered, so you need to know whether the operation can really help you or not.

There are two notable, important exceptions to the law:

  1. Second homes and investment property do not fall under the law. If a lender lose your fault for one of these properties, you must report it as income. The provisions of the law only apply to your main residence .
  2. Perhaps even more important is that the law stipulates that you can only exclude the discharge of the debt of a principal residence . That is the debt that is used to buy, build up or improve your main residence, or to refinance debts for those purposes. Simply put, if you refinanced your home mortgage (only once or many times) and you have cashed more money than your original debt, you cannot exclude any debt canceled from the payout portion of your refi. You must declare it as taxable income.

For example, if you took out a $ 180,000 mortgage on a $ 200,000 home last year and the value increased to $ 250,000, you may have cashed in an additional amount to pay for credit cards. The difference between the original mortgage and the new value, in this case $ 70,000, is considered taxable income after a foreclosure or a short sale.

If the real estate market crashes and the bank closed the house with a value of $ 190,000, the remaining $ 60,000 that your lender has forgiven is taxable. If the house under closed its initial value, say at $ 160,000, then while $ 70,000 is still taxable, $ 20,000 of forgiven debt (the amount below the value of your original mortgage) remains under the protection of the act.

Similarly, credit lines for home loans and second mortgages that you can take out after purchasing your home are also excluded. But if you use the proceeds to make major improvements to your home, that money is protected.

Some good news: even if you are in one of the exceptions to the act, you can exclude up to $ 250,000 ($ 500,000 if married joint Shakuntal application) under the one-time exclusion of a profit at a primary residence.

 If you do not qualify

 If you do not qualify

If you fall under one of these exceptions, or if the IRS finds another reason why their “in general” clause excludes you, you can still find relief in other parts of the tax code.

  1. Bankruptcy . If your home and mortgage have been taken out and have been discharged due to bankruptcy, the debt canceled is usually not taxable.
  2. Non-recourse loans . In several states, home loans are “non-recourse”, which means that the ability of your lender to recover is limited to the value of the property covered by your loan. The lender may not execute your other assets in an attempt to settle the debt. Forgiveness of a non-recourse loan is not a taxable income for the borrower. Mortgages are non-recourse in 12 states (AK, AZ, CA, CO, FL, ID, MN, NC, ND, TX, UT, WA), but ask your lawyer to see if there are other facilities in your community.
  3. Insolvency . If your total obligations exceed your total obligations, you are technically “insolvent” and can qualify forgiven debt under the exclusion of insolvency. If you are insolvent, the IRS does not normally require you to include forgiven debts in your income. If you think you fall into this category, talk to your tax advisor. The substantiation requirements for this exclusion are Shakuntalaijk and you will need a professional to help you prepare the paperwork.

Last word


Hopefully a foreclosure or short sale is a once-in-a-lifetime situation, but if you are faced with the challenge of losing your home, you need to know what the tax consequences and implications are before they sneak at you and cause more damage to your budget. Understanding mortgage forgiveness Debt relief can alleviate part of the burden, or at least prevent you from being surprised by your accountant or the IRS.

You definitely do not want to deal with paperwork, calculations or legal decisions yourself. Do not attempt to handle these matters with a self-made tax return or using free oShakuntalaine tax preparation software. If you are dealing with property debt forgiveness, you should definitely consult a CPA, especially if you have to use one of the methods that are not covered by the law.

Full information on mortgage debt cancellation is available in IRS publication 4681, which is currently not available on the IRS website. If you want to order a copy, contact the IRS directly at (800) 829-3676 or visit an IRS field office.


Is Lasik Surgery worth the costs?

If someone asked you what the best money you ever spent was, would you know the answer? For me, the best money I ever spent had been on my Lasik eye surgery three years ago. The $ 2,500 I spent on my eye surgery has paid off a million times for improvements in quality of life and not having to buy glasses


7 updated financial money mantras for the modern age

We live in a modern world. I wake up in the morning and find my smartphone that tells me that my daughter’s slip strip is due and that it is ‘pirate day’ for my son’s kindergarten. I jump out of bed and store a smoothie while watching an episode of “Mad Men” on my iPad and then work remotely from my computer – all things I barely existed when I was a kid. Du


Consigned Loan for Commissioners

What is a commissioned?

To be commissioned is to hold a temporary position. This person is not part of the Public Administration staff for being hired, that is, did not follow the rule of approval in public competition or other form of legal selection.

The commissioned position, or commissioned position (as it is called in the Constitution), is an exception to the rule to have access to a job in public office.

To the knowledge of all, positions in committee can not be created for any reason, the function must be exercised based on the real need of the Public Administration, and in this way, the vacancies are granted for the proper purposes.

One more detail, for the positions to be created, there must be a specific law, this law is the one that will determine what activities, actions or assignments will be their responsibility, it must also define which rights and duties, besides the value of the remuneration and the period of performance etc.

However, as we are informed, the function of commissioned is treated as a free position for appointment and dismissal. That is, who hired and appointed, can also extinguish or dismiss the charge. In general, the stay for long periods is due to the trust, although the position is not exercised for this purpose.

But what do you really know is if a commissioned person can or can not ask for a payroll deductible, – or am I wrong?

Settlement loan for commissioned?

Settlement loan for commissioned?

This form of consignment loan is more coveted by all. And the commissioners want it, too. However, for this to happen, the public agency (paying source) must make a legal articulation to create legislative mechanisms so that commissioned employees can apply for payroll loans with the participating banks and financiers.

It is worth mentioning that interest rates and conditions may vary from those offered to effective public servants. These general conditions are:

  • Much lower interest rate
  • Long payment terms
  • Bureaucratic processes facilitated
  • Releases to even denied commissioners
  • Speed ​​and agility in the process of requesting, approving and releasing loans
  • Discount automatically until the end of the payroll
  • Possibility of refinancing after x installments paid

Commissioning can apply for loan on the sheet?

Can! Commissioners, Hirer (CLT), Contracts, Temporary Contract etc, all can get payday loan yes. In this type of money financing, it is possible for non-effective employees of public bodies with almost every facility. The request is usually made as any credit qualification process.

The registration or contract is subject to a previous consultation and credit analysis, the amounts requested and quantities of verified parcels, and once the margin is granted, the loan is approved, but can not exceed the free margin or the value of 30% of the income.

Loan rules

Loan rules

Each public body along with the banks will create the rules and conditions; in some, the total amount of the payroll loan released to commissioners may exceed 2 times the net payment in the applicant’s payslip. The maximum term of the installments is also another variation, up to 12/24/36/48 times.

Plots Discounts

The discount of the installments is automatically debited from the commissioner’s account, this procedure is known as sheet discount. As commissioners are temporary employees with stable jobs, banks and financial institutions do not extend the possibility of releasing loans with maturities up to 60/72/96 such as those that are cleared for cash.

Consigned to positions in commission

Each paying source will stipulate whether or not employees of commissioned positions may or may not make the payroll deduction on the sheet. It is worth remembering that each public body has autonomy to decide for whom and how they will have access to the credit discounted in the payslip.

Tips on consignment

Although the paycheck is one of the cheapest types of loans on the market, we will always remind our users and readers that before signing your new payroll loan agreement, analyze all possibilities and if the purpose of the income commitment is valid .

Another thing, forget any possibility of accessing means such as loan sharking or loan sharks to get money borrowed.

If you are commissioned, you want to know if your public agency performs this operation for your class, look for the HR or the Secretary or body responsible for your payment and find out if there are agreements and which banks carry out the entire application and approval process of your request.


Loan for negatives – Compare multiple websites and companies


Loan characteristics even negative

One of the characteristic of loans to negatives is that they generally apply very high interest rates. This is because lenders need to eliminate and / or decrease credit risk so as not to be at a loss when the borrower becomes defaulter.

But even negatively you can still get your loan. However, you need to be more selective when choosing your lender and take a little more time to find a reliable and secure company to lend the money to you .

Ultimately, you will need a bank, financial or credit company that:

  1. Do not consult with Serasa and SPC
  2. That you release loans without bureaucracy
  3. Do not focus on your credit history
  4. To release personal loan with or without guarantee
  5. That can be done from anywhere in Brazil
  6. You do not need to fax or mail documents
  7. Do not borrow money or advance fees to clear the credit

Look for lenders who offer reasonable terms and fixed interest. This may be a way of not suffering from sudden changes in the economic scenario that is in decline, up to that point at (Selic 6.50% and 0.526% monthly).

Again we need to emphasize on care when looking for the best loans for negatives. To access the exclusive offers, click here.

How do I know if your name is denied on Serasa and SPC?

For you to know if you really have the “dirty name” “There is not much secret, just go to the” Serasa Experian “website, the process begins when you inform your CPF and make the registration simple and free: serasa consumer ). Ready!

Serasa is not the only source of information, another cost-free alternative that few people know but has the same effect on “blacklisted name” and “CPF restriction”, that is, it also keeps negative records of people , Boa Vista or SCPC. To access go to: positive consumer (site ).

  • Reasons to Request
  • Reasons to Avoid
  • Even with dirty name can qualify for loans up to $ 3,500 or more
  • There are no queries to Serasa and SPC and credit institution – Intelligent Analysis
  • No commission fees, guarantor fee or early fee
  • Registration and free application by the online site or by the mobile application
  • There is no obligation to accept the pre-approved proposal – choose the best
  • Pre-approval in just a few minutes according to the lender
  • Release of money into account within 24 hours after approval
  • It can be a great alternative in a financial emergency.

See here our safe options for you to get money even if you have your dirty name in trustworthy companies: click here

  • There is no guarantee to receive the amount you need when applying for the loan
  • Interest rates are slightly high – it can reach 18% a month
  • Loans for negatives in general are limited to R $ 3,500 reais
  • Payment terms are short term – between 3 and 12 times
  • Danger of getting stuck in the debt cycle and not getting out
  • Some lenders do not release more than $ 1,000 on the first loan

How does the loan for negatives work?

How does the loan for negatives work?

The loans for negatives are similar to most other categories of personal loans available for request: you borrow the money you need for a lender or financial institution, pay back the added value of interest and additional fees for a given term in contract.

Before making any request, you must first find out what modality of personal loan you can borrow – make sure your name is clean or dirty. Then compare the lenders who offer the loan that your profile allows – if you are negative – borrow without consulting the CPF.

Did you find the lender? Fill in your registration form in the form for pre approval.

The waiting time for your lender to submit a proposal will depend on many factors – it can be in minutes, hours or a few weeks. If you are approved, you will receive the cash resources immediately.

Step by step to get negated Loan

Some of the steps from the process of personal loan to negatives start with the smarter step, below we list 9 steps:

  1. Search
  2. Comparation
  3. Online application
  4. Eligibility – pre-approval
  5. Documentation submission
  6. Approval of the proposal
  7. Loan financing
  8. Repayment of plots
  9. Loan Closing

Where to get negative loans?

Where to get negative loans?

Online loans for negatives can be done at private banks, financial institutions, credit unions or websites and platforms of web lenders known as bank correspondents.

You already know that your credit score and credit history is what will largely determine where you can or will not qualify, and what interest rates will apply to your request.

There are few major banks and financial institutions that offer unsecured personal loans for bad debts . They prefer to meet borrowers with good credit and no records on their credit reports – so it’s easier for them!

Do not evaluate your loan just by looking at the interest rate.

Consider service providers and lenders offering friendly features, 24-hour access and online chat service, whatsapp etc. You may need it.

We here at Grana Smart , we have partners who offer in an easy, reliable and fast way the money that you want to borrow, and a little more. In the consignment for example, which is one of the modalities for negatives, you get up to $ 50,000 or more, approved online and without any bureaucracy.

There are no hidden charges, long wait time or other difficulties. Learn now where and how to get the best credit for negatives by clicking here.

Loan for Negative When to Hire?

Of course you do not get personal loans just for fun , this is an attitude of extreme responsibility, so before you apply for your loan to be denied in one of the existing institutions, check the commercial data ) and creditor information, the final interest of the transaction and especially if you can pay back the installments of the maturities.

Although the need to hide some truths, never forget that the interest of the loan with restriction and without consultation are usually more expensive than other modalities, so it is indicated as an option for occasional emergencies as a way to obtain fast money.

The care for you that wants to make this kind of loan is – do not get ripped off even further. It is important to look for online credit offers with benefits that fit in your pocket and that will not further tighten your budget and also your personal finances.

Advantages of Personal Loans to Negatives

Advantages of Personal Loans to Negatives

One more detail, if you can not handle your current debt, investigate all the options you have to alleviate your problem with finances, and once you decide to make a loan to negatives without it being consigned, and by the way, it’s a great option, really calculate whether interest rate payments and monthly installments will not make you even worse off.

Disadvantages of Personal Loans to Negatives

Disadvantages of Personal Loans to Negatives

Higher Interest Rates : The interest rates charged are undoubtedly greater than the loan secured by property or vehicle, and more expensive than paycheck credit also, almost 8 times.

When you withdraw with credit cards, the interest depends on the flag and the issuer.

If you can give some guarantee, your loan will be for less than 1.50% per month, with a share between 36 and 180, in the payroll the interest is equal, and the installments, are contracted up to 96 months.

It is up to you to know which best credit operation will meet your needs, even if you have to pay a little more expensive for interest.

Bad loans from banks and financial institutions

Few top-tier banks such as Banco do Brasil, Bradesco, Caixa Econômica, Itaú Unibanco and Santander offer personal credit to the negatives . But there are some financiers who are experts at offering this form of credit to anyone who has the name dirty.

Like Crefisa, A Simplic and MoneyMan and Lendico, but interest rates can be as high as 18% or more – per month.

Where to Find the Best Loan by Having Bad Credit

Where to Find the Best Loan by Having Bad Credit

This expression – bad credit – is not our custom, but this is the condition of those with credit restrictions in Serasa / SPC / SCPC or CCF. As we have already said, in this article, make sure you compare a list with several lenders options for you to find the best loans for anyone with bad credit.

You need to understand what type of loan you can hire, and what types of companies or offers avoid to not fall into scams. A great place to start is to compare various loan companies using our blog and our reviews and reviews on each company and loans they offer – it’s free 365 days a year plus one leap year day.

Options and types of loans released to negative

There are many modalities for negatives . Financial institutions are more cautious about releasing a loan for someone with the dirty name and end up making it difficult to approve personal credit.

However, there are other credit options for negatives in the market. Currently, several types of credit are available for negatives: payroll loans, refinancing of property or vehicle, among others.

Here are 9 ways to get a loan when you’re down :

Personal loan

Loan or personal credit

Personal loan , ” bad credit loan ” or ” bad credit” no matter what it is called, what really matters is that there are countless online correspondent and financial companies that offer no personal bureaucracy especially for those who are negatived.

The interesting thing is that even with its dirty name, you have the freedom to get from R $ 200 to R $ 3,500 reais on the hour, without leaving home and anywhere in Brazil.

Here at Grana Smart, we are not loan intermediaries, but we indicate the largest bank correspondents for you to make your request, approval and then release the cash amount in the account.

Money released, even when your name is denied in SPC / Serasa, quickly and easily.

To find the solution you are looking for, the process looks like this:

Apply online in minutes : You need to tell yourself about yourself and how much you want to borrow.
Select a loan offer : Review your monthly payment options, interest rate, and choose the one you like best.
Take your money : the loan is automatically deposited into your bank account.

It is important to make it clear that personal loan is not like pre-approved bank loan. In the negative loan, credit approval is analyzed as in any transaction, with the detail of having fewer restrictive policies.

There are basic requirements that must be obeyed, even if you are negative, namely:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have proven monthly income
  • Have regularized and updated documentation
  • Have fixed residence and contacts (email and phone)
  • Being a customer of banks: Banco do Brasil, Bradesco, Caixa Econômica, Itaú and Santander or others

Payroll loan

Negative payday loan

When we speak of loan to negatives are some confusion in the air, one of them is the other option for negativados that is the ” payroll loan “, in this modality, can only request who is related as Retirees and Pensioners of INSS, Public servant, Military Forces Armed and Employees Employees of private companies agreed to some lender banks.

You can apply for a payday loan for as long as you are within these conditions, the policies and rules of the modality, and despite releasing borrowed money without bureaucracy, you have to have assignable margin to get the loan.

In consigned credit, the installments discounted for reimbursement, are made directly on the benefit, salary, pay, that is, on the applicant’s payroll. Given this, this line of credit has the lowest interest rates on the market for individuals.

For you to know everything, everything even about payroll loan read our review – click here. The interest rate on the ” payroll deductible loan ” in the INSS is currently set at 1.99% and 2.08% per month, allowed by Previdência. For servers and military, maximum of 5.27% and salaries, up 4.96%.

If you are denied and want to get a financed cash amount, payday loan without a doubt is your best choice.

Refinancing of Property

Loan with property guarantee

Secured loan or Home Equity loan, this type of personal credit is now well-known thanks to Creditas, who has become a leader in this online follow-up. Giving your property or your vehicle as collateral may be an alternative to get the money that is needed now.

The operation itself, it is a refinancing of the urban or rural property, here we are still getting used to calling mortgage (Mortgage of Property) but it is not the same thing. In this modality, also has very low interest rates, around 1.15% to 1.49% per month, is lower because of the sale of the good to the creditor.

When refinancing property, negative people who own property in their own name, free of charge and removed, will have no problem in getting the credit.

As the guarantee supports the loan, you can get really expressive values ​​- up to $ 500,000 or more, the refinancing is only 60% of the value of the property assessed.

Vehicle Refinancing

Loan with vehicle guarantee

With no secrets for this modality, to ensure the loan is done a refinance of the vehicle, meaning your car is left with the lender as a form of collateral for the full repayment of the loan borrowed. It is worth informing that if you do not honor with the contractual rules, the lender (financial institution) can liquidate your vehicle.

In this line of credit, the borrower can count on very low interest rates too, for anyone who wants a loan for negative in this condition, paying only 1.49% per month is more than perfect.

But there are some details that we can not miss, be aware that the amount released on the loan will be proportional to 50% to 80% of the value of your vehicle, and each financial institution has a rule to refinance.

The biggest highlight when making a loan with vehicle guarantee for those who are negative, is able to apply for this type of personal loan over the Internet, have low interest rates and chooses the time you want to pay, usually up to 36/60 months.

– Another thing, the fact that you have a property or vehicle removed, does not guarantee the credit approval, but once we remember that there are many other factors that can prevent approval. Either way, this is a very viable alternative for you who has a dirty name on the square and needs money.

Pledge Box

Negative pledge

The idea of ​​this type of loan is interesting, it is a secured loan, only the guarantee is a jewel, a gold or rare watch, a precious ring and valuables etc.

In Brazil, the pledge is made exclusively by Caixa Econômica Federal. The valuation of the value of the asset is carried out in the bank’s own agencies and you get the valuation money on time. The interest on the pledge is low and pays off the risk if you plan to take back your asset.

In the lien, there is no problem being denied or restricted in the name.


Microcredit for negatives

This type of loan does not require collateral, but requires the borrower to use it to make investments in their own business.

Microcredit is a small-value loan program for both formal and informal microentrepreneurs, read more about it (here), access to credit takes place through the traditional financial system.

In general, microcredit is sponsored by the government as a form of local development aid by supporting the production of small entrepreneurs – if that is your case, go ahead.

P2P and CrowdFunding

P2P and CrowdFunding for negatives

Peer-to-Peer Loan : Some Peer-to-peer platforms are credit intermediaries who are more willing to consider requests from people who have bad credit (for negatives) by slightly increasing the value of the fees, but can still be more cheaper than the personal bank loan.

Here you will be able to know with more attention everything about how to loan the Peer-to-Peer and how it works.

Crowdfunding Loan : Crowdfunding loans are changing the banking system in Brazil, even this financial system does not care if the name is dirty or negative, people with bad credit have free access. Just like Peer-to-Peer is an excellent alternative to take out personal loan even if you are negative.

Loan sharks

Loan with loan sharks

Let’s take a step to look at this type of loan with a magnifying glass. What exactly is a moneylender? The media refers to today’s moneylenders as “predatory lenders,” and they charge excessively high interest rates from borrowers who are unable to borrow in legal means.

It is worth mentioning that moneylenders are like a great shark lurking its victim ready to attack. Moneylenders are predatory lenders seeking prey who can not repay their other debts and who do not have many options for getting cash fast and with facilities.

People who usually take loan with moneylenders in general:

  • They are experiencing a financial emergency
  • You have very bad credit or history
  • Has many records in Serasa and SPC as debtor
  • Has a low or high income but has lost control

Formally they can not access traditional lines of personal loan, bank credit or credit cards, and so often resort to lenders like the moneylenders who do not make inquiries or credit checks to release their loans.

Credit card

Loan to the negativado with card

Credit Cards : Credit cards are not just for shopping, you can also use pre-approved limits to request a personal credit card credit directly from the monthly bill.

Usually the amounts are approved on time at any ATM are less than $ 1,000, the fees are very high, outside some additional costs incorporated into the total amount of the loan.

Care for anyone who is denied and wants to borrow

Being negative puts any citizen in a vulnerable position when deciding to look for personal loan online , mainly because there are many experts wanting to take advantage of this situation.

By having records in the credit bureaus, it does not mean that you should accept any offer that appears. Keep your eyes open and your hands in a position to raise the red flags when looking for the best loans for negatives.

Here’s a summary we’ve made so you do not fall into traps:

  • Guarantees: Credit companies, correspondent banks and legitimate lending platforms will never tell you that you can take out a loan without knowing your income, score, credit history and other personal information. Any lender who guarantees the approval of any amount before evaluating your information is probably someone who wants to deceive you.
  • Advance Fees: It is against the law that creditors cover amounts or advance amounts before releasing the requested loan money.
  • Unexpected Contacts: Be careful if you’re receiving emails, Whatsapp messages, and constant phone calls from a particular company. Legitimate lenders need not pursue their clients – we seek them out.
  • Misuse of names. Some fraudulent and unscrupulous companies will use the names of reliable, secure banks and financiers and lenders to profit from this good reputation. Make sure you are actually doing business with the right company it claims to be.
  • Registration confirmation requests: Take care of your personal information. You must provide your personal information only to a company that you trust or prove to be trustworthy, do not fill out any online registration just because the site is cute. Be particularly wary of providing information to unknown companies, especially if you can not get data about it on the Internet.
  • Persuasion Techniques: It is common to compare the proposal and take the time to evaluate how much you can actually lend safely. Your lender should not be pressuring you to make your loan soon. Consider all your options.

And, above all, take a few minutes to check which company you want to borrow money on.

View the reviews, reviews and online complaints of the company. Suspect of consistently positive or systematically negative criticism – the truth is probably somewhere in between. Check the company’s physical address.

Being proactive from the start of your research can save you a lot of trouble in the future.

Can I apply for a loan if I am not?

Can I apply for a loan if I am not?

Of course you can apply, few things prevent a person from not getting a personal loan even though they are being denied.

However, in order for the process to unfold to the favor of the requester, he must necessarily prove with the banks, financial institution or institution that is able to repay the amount received.

To make life easier for people who are living in this condition right now, the comparison tools serve very well, they approach those who need money but have restrictions on creditors who specialize in this type of credit granting.

Lady Brett Ashley has several partners who approve orders up to $ 5,000 with a choice of up to 12x without bureaucracy. Others will tailor the best loan to your profile.

Who is negative can get a reliable loan?

I also particularly have no problem recommending loans for unsecured debts. As you can see there are several ways to borrow money even though the CPF is restricted.

Here at ” Grana Smart ” we do reviews and reviews of banks, companies and lending sites from reputable institutions willing to work with borrowers who have negative names or records on credit history.

But, remember to keep your expectations in the reality of your financial situation. You will no doubt receive lower interest rates other than obtaining through payroll deduction, however, if you can not apply for a payroll loan, the higher rates will be your only option to get the amount you need at the moment.

However, do not be afraid to think outside the box, sometimes not always asking for a loan will solve your situation, there are other ways to get the money borrowed to meet your needs.


Online Personal Loan – Everything and More A Little!


Anyone who needs an online loan uses the money to pay off debts, make investments or whatever they want.

” Personal Loan Online Without Leaving Home ?! Did you know that a loan can help you relieve the stress of having to keep finances always controlled. “

Whether you’re looking to find money to travel on your next vacation or you’re short of money to meet an urgent need, running out of money can do more damage than you can and can not pay your bills.

– You can convert expensive debts with cheaper online loan. You can also join the accounts into one by making a new loan. You can open a business by hiring a personal loan online . The possibilities of use are endless.


All About Personal Loan Online

  • For what purpose can the online loan be used?
  • Types of Online Loans Available
  • Criteria for comparison and choice of loans
  • How to make your loan online?
  • Online credit analysis – how is it done?
  • What are the steps of analyzing personal loans?
  • What is the maximum loan term online?
  • Settlement of loan amount online
  • How much money can you borrow from an online loan?
  • Is there a minimum amount to get loan online?
  • At which bank or financial institution do you lend?
  • How do banks decide what maximum loan amount to release?
  • What are the interest rates on online loans?
  • Can I apply for a loan along with my spouse?
  • Documents required to apply online
  • How to pay the loan installments online?
  • What is the method of approving the loans?
  • Balance Transfer or Loan Portability
  • Precautions and cautions when hiring loan online

All About Personal Loan Online


An online loan for personal use is a type of unsecured credit that you can use without having to pledge or offer any collateral like a property, home, car or other assets.

When you apply for a loan, the lender takes into account your existing financial history and various other factors to determine your borrowing capacity, in this way it may or may not approve the amount requested.

They are excellent features of a personal loan, you can do it over the Internet (online), be it by phone, smartphone or computer, and this facility makes this type of consumer credit the best choice for times when you need to raise money fast and easy .

From here, you will understand a few key points that will help you to know which of the best personal loans depending on your need.

For what purpose can the online loan be used?

For what purpose can the online loan be used?


Personal loans are meant for usual expenses, the list of things that can be acquired is quite large, the usefulness also, from financing studies, paying the family vacations or to meeting any financial requirement such as paying inventory to receive an inheritance.

You can also consider taking an online loan to pay higher debts and expenses like: settle other financing and higher-priced loans, or consolidate small debts in only pay.

Types of Online Loans Available

Types of Online Loans Available


Loan is a different way of calling financial transactions that involve personal credit made between a person or company with a lending institution. The transaction is completed when the lender approves and releases the amount requested by the customer (borrower or applicant)

To simplify understanding, in a loan, you receive a sum of money from the bank, financial, cooperative or alternative lender and must return the requested amount of interest added, on some loan, interest is zero for a specific period.

There are numerous types of online personal loans available today for immediate application and approval. Each modality has its own terms and conditions according to the profile of the applicant, the destination of the money and the institution’s credit policies.

Some of the personal loans that can be purchased online are:

  1. Online Payroll Loan
  2. Online Personal Loan
  3. Negative Loan Online
  4. Loan guaranteed online
  5. Online peer-to-peer loan – between people
  6. Online collective loan – crowdfunding
  7. Online car financing – car credit
  8. Online Home Financing – Property Credit
  9. Loan with moneylender – predatory lending

Criteria for comparison and choice of loans


Each bank or private or alternative lender has its own criteria for approving an online loan . Everything will depend on whether you are:

  • Self employed or Self employed
  • Retired or Pensioner
  • Public or Military Servant
  • Has a clean name or is Negative

There is still more .. general criteria also include age, occupation, income, margin for discounts or ability to pay the loan, place of residence and personal contacts etc.

How to make your loan online?


The question seems obvious – but is not it? As incredible as it seems many people still have difficulty in completing the process of filling out the form for requesting the credit and also in sending the documentation, mainly online through the mobile phone and smartphone.

Actually the advent of the Internet came to change the world, currently only goes to the bank or credit shop to make a loan who really wants to waste that time, is forced by the bureaucracy or want to walk.

If you have access to the Internet, WIFIi, 3G and have a cell phone or smartphone, you can make the loan application easier than on a computer.

And the best, without leaving home, from the comfort of your living room or tv, without wasting your precious time in traffic or standing in queues of waiting in banking institutions or lenders a long time.

To make your personal loan online , simply access a website or application for a company, institution, correspondent, bank or financial loan and follow the instructions.

It is currently possible to get virtually all types of loans through the web.

The first step is to make comparisons on reliable websites that list insurance companies and lenders. Here at ” Grana Smart ” we have a list of some of the best lenders online loans that apply the process 100% online in a bureaucratic, fast and uncomplicated way. Click Here!

Online credit analysis – how is it done?


It is not at all complicated to carry out the request for an online loan, it is super fast and very easy to move on the application.

You just can not forget that there will always be a credit analysis done by the lender or by the financial institution that was chosen to evaluate your registration, even for people denied there is data query.

Credit analysis is no secret to anyone, the credit provider does a data and information check to figure out what risks to lend the money to a particular applicant and the likelihood of receiving the loaned amount back.

What are the steps of analyzing personal loans?


After you register for the loan application and, in possession of the data, the lender will analyze in detail all the information provided with external data sources such as Serasa / SPC / Boa Vista and CCF, among others, to conclude that profile that the requester can be framed.

With the analysis formed, the lender will decide what amount will be borrowed and how long the money will be returned, but who chooses the period is the applicant within a minimum and maximum period.

To your knowledge, the credit assessment is as follows, not exactly in this order:

  • Verification of the authenticity of the personal information registered, such as name, RG, CPF, etc.
  • Verification of the cadastral situation in records of Serasa Experian, SPC Brazil and Boa Vista and others
  • Finding financial backlogs in credit history *
  • Assessment of income impairment and repayment capacity in installments
  • Investigation of the client’s profile for the credit modality
  • Confirmation and analysis of personal documentation received
  • Approval and release of requested amount via online site or application

Some banks and credit institutions, as well as financial institutions, approve loans online for bad debts , in these companies the negative records in the credit agencies are not a punitive factor.

What is the maximum loan term online?


The maximum duration of the online personal loan varies according to the modality chosen for request.

Settlement of loan amount online


Generally, an online loan is released within 24/48 hours after approval. The pre-approval takes between 5 and 10 minutes.

Once your loan application goes through all the request, review, pre-approval and approval procedures, you receive the money in a requesting holder’s bank account equivalent to the approved amount – not the requested one – often the approved amount is lower than the amount requested, and on the contrary, the amount approved may be higher than requested.

– Once the applicant is cleared, the online bank or lender automatically deposits the money into the bank account indicated at the time of the request.

How much money can you borrow from an online loan?


The amount you can borrow depends on your ability to pay and the amount of debt you already have.

Credit institutions and alternative lenders analyze various internal and external data to come to a decision before approving an online loan to a prospective borrower.

But make sure, “a creditor does not release personal loan without making sure the applicant can handle your monthly payments”, with exception to the loan made to usurers, the famous moneylenders.

If you are paying other loans at other banks or lenders, certainly when asking for a new loan, and your income is compromised, it is likely that your application will not have an easier approval.

Well, through the internet on websites and digital platforms, you can request a free online loan without guarantee between R $ 200 reais and R $ 50,000 , for guaranteed loan you get between R $ 30,000 and R $ 500,000 reais or more.

It is worth to say that, even if it is negative, it does not prevent the approval of good amounts in some specific modalities available even for applications 100% online.

Is there a minimum amount to get loan online?


No, there is no minimum amount set to get a personal loan. This can vary from institution to institution, from lender to lender.

Although some financial institutions only offer loans starting at R $ 1000 reais, others can give you loans up to less than R $ 50,000 reais. You can apply for an online loan for personal use based solely on your needs, even if it is only $ 200 or $ 300 reais.

At which bank or financial institution do you lend?


It is good to compare the offers of various lenders before choosing a type of convenient online loan. However, focus on the main factors of the loan as the – Total Cost Effective – rather than set the interest offered.

Some factors to consider when deciding on a bank or institution to contract your loan include in addition to interest rates, commissioning fees, keep an eye on the monthly “Loan Insurance” fee amount and the IOF which is a federal tax.

A good way to apply for a personal loan online with a mobile application online is right here at Buendía family you can see offers from more than 10 partners for personal credit and financing of all kinds and then choose the best one for you.

How do banks decide what maximum loan amount to release?


The maximum loan will differ from bank to bank. However, some factors are crucial.

To set the maximum amount, in addition to your credit score, credit history, current income, assets, properties and assets. The qualification for credit is also observed, for example: retirees, pensioners, military, civil servants, salaried and autonomous, etc.

A credit score (closer to 801) means that you have met all of your previous loan commitments, credit card debt repayments always up-to-date, no restrictions on Serasa / SPC / SCPC or CCF.

This information helps lenders analyze that you are a non-risky borrower, and aligning income helps you establish cash amounts on much larger online loans .

Your income and current income commitment have a direct influence on your ability to pay. So if you are in a lower income bracket, you will be granted a lower online loan amount than those with a higher income.

This procedure is the same as what you see when searching for a credit card, the higher the proven income, the better the type of card, and the greater the number of benefits. It is well worth keeping the credit history clean of restrictions and the high credit score.

By the way, know an effective method to increase your score and score quickly and effectively, to know more – click here!

What are the interest rates on online loans?

What are the interest rates on online loans?


Personal loans do not require collateral by nature, so they have a slightly higher interest rate.

Many of the leading banks and lenders online provide personal loans starting at 4.99%. However, interest rates depend on several factors directly linked to your credibility and many other factors already mentioned in this article.

Can I apply for a loan along with my spouse?

Can I apply for a loan along with my spouse?


Yes, you can apply for a personal loan, either yourself or with a co-applicant, a family member such as your parents or spouse (spouse or spouse). Having a co-applicant means that the loan application will be processed in a higher income range, making the applicants apt to pick up a larger loan amount.

However, keep in mind that a bad credit history (dirty name or restrictions on the CPF) of any one of the candidates will reduce the chances of approval of the application.

Documents required to apply online


Although the required documents vary from one financial institution to another, some of the key documents that you must provide with your online personal loan application include:

  • Proof of income (salary slip, bank statement, personal income tax)
  • Proof of income (Extract benefit or pension) in some cases
  • Proof of home address
  • Identity documents (CNH, CPF)
  • Bank account

How to pay the loan installments online?


An online loan can be repaid in several ways . It can be through bank transfer, direct debit to the bank account or deducted from the payroll (salary). You also have the option of making prepayments of installments or repaying the loan before the contractual term.

The terms and conditions for doing this vary from lender to lender, from bank to bank. You should check these terms when accepting the loan proposal you requested.

What is the method of approving the loans?


Approval of the loan is in the hands of the banks or the lending institution. Its decision is based exclusively on the criteria specified by the credit policies and governmental regulations.

Once all the required documents are submitted and the verification process is completed, the personal loan will be approved.

– After approval, the amount is transferred to the borrower. Counted a month or thirty days, the borrower begins to make repayment in installments of the borrowed loan.

Balance Transfer or Loan Portability

Balance Transfer or Loan Portability


If you are unhappy with your current lender then you can opt for a loan balance transfer. This is possible when the lender allows you to transfer the amount yet to be paid for a new loan into a new lender.

Portability will help you to benefit from the lower interest rates offered by the new lender. This transaction is called loan portability, let’s talk about this financial service in a full position.

Precautions and cautions when hiring loan online


The Internet is an inhospitable territory even though we think we have control. When walking on it one must be careful and cautious where to step on, it is not different from our real world. You and I already know that anywhere there will always be people who will at all costs try to take advantage of the need and often the despair of other people.

When we talk about personal loans there is that attention must be redoubled.

Surely you have already found dozens of online loan offerings, even before you got here on Grana Smart , with a direct link or by Google searches. You need to know how to filter out good offers of fraudulent offers to get the money you need without having to go through trouble or lose money with online fraudsters.

Here are some things you need to know before applying for or borrowing your loan online :

  • Confirm that the company is actually who you say you are – search
  • Caring for very low interest and unsecured loan offerings
  • Beware of deadlines offers – eg up to 100 installments
  • Do not deposit any amount in advance to get loan – fraud
  • Check with ANESP, FEBRABAN or BC on the existence of the company
  • Search the company on such sites as Reclame Aqui, Procon and protest
  • Confirm with the banks and financial institutions that the company says represent
  • Access the to know if the domain belongs to a legal or physical person